LEJON watches worldwide

For the meteorologists spring time has already started in March but winter & snow still have Switzerland well in hand. Even though we love to ski & to snowboard, still we're eagerly awaiting to the colourful flowering of the trees. In the meantime we're looking forward to attend Baselworld - the world watch and jewellery show - in order to meet other LEJON's and exchange ideas & thoughts.

The 1st quarter of this year was great and we see LEJON evolving. After shipping our watches out from Zurich, Switzerland to various countries in Europe and also to Asia, we recently also got our first order from the other side of the pond (USA) as well! Each new landmark and new "LEJON family member" fulfills us with joy and each contribution out on the social media with our hashtag #lejonwatch (e.g. by posting pictures on instagram, facebook, etc.) is very appreciated. 

And for the moment solely available here on exclusivity, we're quite thrilled to announce you, that you're able to purchase your lejon watch on other onlinestores near soon and even explore and try on your favourite model at selected shops in various countries. More about this we're about to reveal shortly.