That summer we fell in love with a watch…

"​How ​did it come about that​ these three young men launch​ed​ their own watch brand​"​, you might have asked yourself. It was​ during​ that summer some time ago​ when​ the​y ​were strolling around the cobbled streets of Zurich’s old town. “We​ had​ just had a g​reat​ lunch together”, says Mathias, “and were on our way to some place near the riverbank”​.​

Three old friends​ ​with personalities which couldn’t differ more​ - ​Mathias​, ​the urban living and fun-loving ​guy from Zurich; Dominik​,​ the world traveller​ ​​w​​ho is gifted in languages​​;​ and​​ Bryan​,​ ​the sailor who enjoys life on the lakes of Switzerland​. But what they share is their sense for good food, wine and an affinity to fashion, design and​...​ timekeepers​.

At one point during ​that afternoon​ while they were strolling through Zurich,​ they ​were drawn to the quaint window of an antique shop. There they spotted what appeared to be a very old and interesting wristwatch. Its simple silver & black design encompassed the presence of a lion icon and a simple signature; “LEJON". Bryan: “We had had some discussions over lunch about how vintage watches were becoming trendy again”. So, they entered the store to admire this beauty and as they had never heard of this brand, they wished to find out more about it. Unfortunately, even the shop owner couldn’t tell much about it. Dominik: “Anyhow, we felt we couldn’t leave the shop without it”; so they purchased it. Inspired by their discussions earlier that day and their newly acquired unique piece, they decided to delve deeper into its heritage. What they discovered was a forgotten brand which then inspired the three to revive the sleeping lion. This is how LEJON brand was reborn and started to roar again.