We need your support

Dear Lejons,

We are very proud to announce our long awaited second collection of LEJON watches. Following the quick sell out of our initial collection of vintage models, we felt it was necessary to sit together and create for you a new and optimised line in order to lead our brand into the next chapter of the LEJON story.

As we only offered a limited choice of products in the first line, we all agreed that LEJON should strive towards offering a broader range of models to the LEJON community. After investing a great deal of time and effort, we have created a thinner, more elegant and improved version of the original design and have named each model after districts of Zürich. Additionally we have introduced a revolutionary strap exchange system that enhances your LEJON experience and allows you to update and redesign your watch as you please.

Of course extending the collection always means that additional funds are required, which is why LEJON decided to launch a Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com. How does this involve you? You can help LEJON to continue this success story and contribute towards a prosperous future for our watch brand. Just simply follow the link below and discover more about LEJON and our latest collection and even avail of our special introductory offers on our latest editions.


Thank you for your ongoing support.