LEJON - Heritage Reborn

Through inspiration came a vision. A watch for the future, with reference to the past. The Roaring Twenties, the decade of the most glamorous parties and galas, was the age of LEJON, a Swiss watch brand which reflected the Zeitgeist perfectly.

It was this snapshot of its history which almost 100 years later inspired young watch enthusiasts to establish a watch brand of their own: they found an old LEJON, delved into its history and became excited about the design, ingenuity and functionality of the timepiece. This was the birth of an idea which became a shared vision and finally materialized into a watch with a modern yet timeless design. By adhering to tastes across generations, this bridges the gap between yesterday and tomorrow.

The LEJON of the 21st century is not a LEJON of the 20s, nor is it its granddaughter. It is awakening to the future, but doesn’t forget where it came from. In short, a LEJON is a continuous story on your wrist.

And if something is created to honor and celebrate the essence of time?

...what better than a watch?



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